A place in the sun.

Sometimes, I find myself staring at the bowl in my kitchen where I keep fruit and vegetables that don’t like the fridge. Everything looks so good. Beautiful, really. Little works of art. Colour, form, texture, all is so amazingly well executed. I just can’t take my eyes off. Artichokes, for example. Why would you wanna hide them? You’ve got to cook them anyway. Or peaches. Beware of putting these in the fridge! I once took a bite of a peach from the fridge… Boy, did that hurt! You can’t use that much Sensodyne to protect your teeth from icy cold peaches. Especially when your fridge’s temperature is almost near zero. But bananas really don’t like the cold. There was even a Chiquita commercial about it, in the 1940s, with a song sung by a banana dressed like Carmen Miranda: …but bananas like the climate of the very very tropical equatooooor, so you should never put ba-naa-naaas in the refrigeratooooor, oh no no no! But wherever I store fruit and vegetables, they don’t last long either way. They get eaten up way too soon to really care, isn’t it a shame?


2 thoughts on “A place in the sun.

  1. The song is featured in an old Woody Allen film, the one with Julia Roberts where they all sing famous songs, little children sing it. Did not know it was also Chiquita pubblicità 😂

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