Summer in the city.

In any city, summer is strenuous, public transportation resembles sauna with a dress code, the air gets saturated with pollution and the wrong kind of perfume, you feel like signing any petition that wants to ban these repugnant heavy oriental colognes for men, unless you’re on a diet, then any repulsion is convenient, anything that keeps you from eating, you might want to sign anyway, think of the others that want to enjoy their ice cream cones, all kind of tourists ask for directions, nice and off-putting ones, and while they’re heading for a drink, enviously you sent the nice ones to a nice place, you have to face another meeting in a tie. Escape, I say! To Zurich! That’s the only town where heat is enjoyable, it’s got everything you need, lots of shady places, a lake to jump into, and a fresh breeze from the Alps. Besides—I have no scientific explanation though—nowhere will you find a bluer sky. That photo you see above, it’s not photoshopped, really, it isn’t! I cross my heart! It’s just that blue. Absurdly blue, actually. So blue, it makes me just blue to write about it.

The magic of Lake Lucerne.

Lake Lucerne, like any other lake, looks best in summer. Then, the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, the clear, transparent water, there is no lake cleaner than in Switzerland, believe you me, I swam in it, it’s gorgeous, anyway, the high mountains, topped with snow, the lush trees that line its border, the figs, chestnuts, yuccas and cypresses, the intensely blue sky, insanely blue even, everything looks just majestic, as I said, in summer. In winter, it looks something like that, grey and shapeless, you might say, or quite bewitching, if you have a liking for anything mystic, romantic and enchanted, then it might be impossible to resist its allure, you’re facing a magic realm, by the way, are these old willows on the border or the Erl-Kings daughters? Don’t blame these streaks of fog, your sight is not deceived, you might find yourself entering a different world, out of touch, disconnected, ethereal spheres will take you in and never let you go, so beware, these cruising boats might never come back, leaving you behind in that gloomy place, you might want to change your plans and stay ashore, you will find some enchantment here too, just head for Hermès, the store is right there, just follow the voices coming through the withering leaves, we have many a golden robe for you …

Lake Zurich.


It’s all over now. Autumn’s here. No more swimming in Lake Zurich, that lake right in the middle of the town, with the softest water, silky, clean as hell, invigorating, soothing, breathtaking, arousing, sensations that let yourself come to all kind of senses, after a long day, during lunch break, first thing on a Saturday morning, before going shopping for groceries, after a cup of coffee on the balcony though, all it takes is to go the Badi nearby, on Utoquai, and to take a jump, and then, while I’m floating in the crystal clear water, Lake Zurich pulls some magic effects, I’m being enthralled, mesmerized, bewitched, I am about to forget about any groceries to shop for or about those meetings in the afternoon, at some office far away, and the moment I lie on the wooden deck of Badi Utoquai in my very favourite trunks, the ones by Gucci, designed by Tom Ford, that I refuse to stop wearing, I’ve been refusing it for some many years and I won’t ever stop doing so, I even consider being buried in them, but lying on that deck, I miss the water already, I just take some time to let my skin dry, to soak up the gorgeous summer heat, before taking another jump into the lake. But as I said, summer’s gone. And my trunks are taking a break from all that fun now. Just like me.