Viking Snack.

All of a sudden, I felt like having a snack; my fridge, however, was empty, and so I took a bus to my nearest grocery store (it was way too windy and rainy to walk) where I got myself some gravad lax, you know, the kind of salmon that Scandinavians put six feet under with some salt and spices for three days or more to make it 1) last longer and 2) taste better, the indispensable matching hovmästassås aka dill-mustard sauce, and some gluten-free wholemeal bread—and so my afternoon snack turned out to be a very fine one, so fine, actually, that I’d like to propose a toast to all Vikings and to all the fish they’ve put into an early grave: Skål!

5 thoughts on “Viking Snack.

  1. Dear Jan,
    wonderful article about graved salmon, we eat graved, smoked and grilled salmon every week, would not do without it, most lunch restaurants have salmon on the menu every week.
    Viva ”gravad lax”
    With love Eva 🐟

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