Castles in the air.

I guess, when you’re a king, you won’t ever have to built a single castle in the air, instead you might even built them out of thin air. Just for fun, for a laugh, ha-ha-ha. To be fair, Frederick the Great built some of them, like the Neue Palais, for other reasons, for real statesmanly reasons like entertaining other kings or have a ball with diplomats, ambassadors, and such, but Sans Souci, he did built for nothing but pleasure. In winter, the joyfulness of it all might be less visible, but the architectural finesse of the ensemble is to be experienced at its very best.

7 thoughts on “Castles in the air.

  1. My dearest Clovis, dear Jan
    To make this absolutely clear – this is my castle and will remain my castle. I intend to spend my older days there. Including the Chinese Tea Pavilion you mentioned before. One of the reasons, but only one, is that it has no staircases. It was built for me. When I was at University, Charles Ryder and Anthony Blanche told me that this is probably the only castle that was built for the pleasure of a single man. i have decided that this man is me.
    Of course, that goes without saying, you are always welcome to visit. Anytime. For Tea or other beverages.



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