Imperial breakfast.

For years and years, I’ve thought English marmalade was the best. I’m not known for admitting mistakes easily, but Boy, do I stand corrected. The best marmalade in the world is definitely French and not from a supermarket but from the Ritz on Place Vendôme in Paris. I wonder if they still have people stay in their suites of if they don’t have to rent out rooms any longer as they should be making a fortune with their grapefruit and clementine jam by now. It’s best spread on fine pâté, by the way, trust you me. Bon appétit!


2 thoughts on “Imperial breakfast.

  1. Pflaumenmus und Brötchen … the jam in your photos looks delicious but I still vote for the rustic Pflaumenmus of my memories back in Bavaria. I can still hear the early morning sound of the flour sack full of bread rolls landing on the kitchen doorstep where I worked. That bread, butter and jam made every breakfast a treat. The jars however were not half as pretty as those in the photos. 🙂

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