Stay young and beautiful.

Red is the most beautiful colour. There are red roses to enjoy in your garden or to give to your sweetheart (yes, I’m a romantic), there are redheads to fall in love with (just like Charlie Brown did, hopefully much more succesful than he, but that’s another story), there’s red wine (the best beverage in the world), and then there is rose hip tea, the reddest (or is it “the most red”?) of teas. Not only is its colour a nice contrast to any blue and white china, much nicer than the depressing brown of a strong Assam for example, it’s also very healthy and you can have it after dinner without risking counting endless series of sheep jumping over a fence for the rest of the night and then having to answer to your colleagues why you look so very tired in the morning. So, in order to stay well rested and healthy, I order rose hip tea for everyone!

4 thoughts on “Stay young and beautiful.

    1. I will come back when the elephants roost in the trees
      I will come back when the birds make love to the bees
      I will come back when the sun refuses to shine
      And President Coolidge is a cousin of mine
      I will come back when the fish walk around on two feet
      And promenade up and down on Washington Street
      When the snow has turned from white to blue
      Then maybe I will come back to you 😘


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