True blue.

A year ago, I left Zurich. On a very cold day’s afternoon, I took my last walk through this beautiful town that sometimes would appear to me as a tiny village, a high-toned and exquisite one, with a splendid opera house and ballet of great reputation whose posters are just fantastic, but still, it always will be a village to me, you see, Zurich’s not very big, there are some arrondissements in Paris that are bigger, or at least they seem to be, I‘ve never compared the square metres they’re entitled to, the appearances do count, don’t they? Anyway, on this very last day, Zurich was mesmerizingly beautiful, it looked so serene, an ice palace, the sky turned into a wonderful blue as the night was falling, the lights of the shops windows and the lanterns shone warm and bright, embracing you like a hug, and although the temperatures were way below zero on that day, I didn’t feel cold at all, to the contrary, I felt warm, loved and blessed. Berlin doesn’t do that, but at least, central heating is way cheaper over here in good old Germany.


One thought on “True blue.

  1. I have never seen more beautiful pictures of Zurich and these are definitely among the most beautiful ones you have ever taken. There’s a coolness but also that sense of cosiness in the warm light and reflections. Such exquisite descriptions too. And now I’m dreaming of discovering l’heure bleue à Zurich myself next winter, although the city has surely lost more than a little of its charm since your departure.

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