Louis Vuitton‘s magic.

It’s lost on me. Completely. When you live in Zurich, for any length ot time, you cannot help but grow tired of that monogram, or even worse, their Damier pattern, it’s positively everywhere, or to use college talk, it’s downright ubiquitous. Ubiquitous to such a degree that it makes you want to run away, or to get blind, or just have more vodka, depends on the time of day. Anyway, one day, I needed Louis Vuitton’s San Francisco City Guide when writing an article on interior designer Jonathan Rachman who happens to be mentioned in it, well, mentioned is actually a sheer understatement, they did praise him in it, and so I wanted a photo of the guide for my blog. The next day, I had to go to Louis Vuitton on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, and instead of being appalled, I was amazed, first by their windows, some cute white ermines presented a black attaché case, just black leather, no pattern at all, then by a clutch, also black, this time in cuir épi, but most intriguingly, with an owl on it, both really beautiful, stunning even, what can I say, apparently it’s not Louis Vuitton’s fault that the Swiss all buy the very same stuff, and why nobody has bought one of these bags is beyond me, I really don’t get it, I absolutely loved that owl clutch, and, truth be told, that monogram canvas looks really good on the suitcases, I think, I need one, so much better than these black or silver ones everybody seems to have, they’re so very ubiquitous.

3 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton‘s magic.

  1. Well, you have done the impossible and made me appreciate Louis Vuitton. I was tired of seeing this ubiquitous brand and monogram design on handbags and wallets everywhere, not just in Zurich. And the colour is so tedious. But on luggage, it’s classic and classy and the owl clutch is one of the most exquisite things I’ve seen. If I saw it in the window, I might even forgive them for opening a store right by the Café de Flore.

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  2. What a great blog, a few thoughts:

    I have the same briefcase in Black Epi leather, it’s my go to daily bag.

    Jonathan Rachman is an amazing guy, so talented and kind.

    I long to travel with a full set of suitcases just like the ones you showed + trunk, come to think of it I need the requisite valet too! Now I’m ruined, you can’t fly commercial with those bags, they are too gorgeous to check, now look what you did!! I’ll have to fly private or stay home and stare at those suitcases to keep them pristine.

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