Page turning season.

I wonder if there is a reason or a deeper sense to all this missing light in winter, to the cold outside, to all these horrid crowds running you over on their search for Christmas presents or the nearest Starbucks. There’s only one I can come up with: We are to stay at home and read Balzac. And when we have cover-to-covered his Human Comedy, we are to continue and praise Hemingway’s short sentenced short stories, Waugh’s love for grotesque sceneries (best followed by Muriel Spark’s love for grotesque characters), Thomas Bernhard’s hilarious bitterness, Louis Begley’s distant observations, Stefan Zweig’s lost worlds and Rilke’s elegiacomania, Philip Roth’s cold-hearted dissections of anyone he ever came up with, Jane Austen’s ironic approach to mankind itself, W. Somerset Maugham’s lust for human frailties, Colette’s view on women and their lovers, Gabriele d’Annunzio’s view on decadence, every now and then we are to enjoy a poem by Emily Dickinson, like a sorbet between fish and meat, and, most importantly, we are to read the directions for Diptyque candles. Unless you care for soot, that is.

3 thoughts on “Page turning season.

  1. What a comfort and a joy this is to read (and see the wonderful photo too). The cold, dark and crush of Christmas have been getting me down lately so this is a real tonic. Eugénie Grandet is the finest book I read this year so I really must plunge into the rest of La Comédie Humaine. I already have my Diptyque candle, but in spicy orange for Christmas. Vetyver sounds like a wonderful choice for my next one though, especially as Guerlain cruelly discontinued Vetiver Pour Elle. I’ll just be sure to read the instructions first.

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  2. Cannot but agree more. Although I have a weakness for „Baies“, a candle I used to smell when entering my favorite Video Boutique in the 7ieme to rent another Arthaus movie for those dark winter days and nights Down the Seine. Plus: December is not the same without the Holiday Scented Candle by Ralph Lauren which is burning in my room right now, preparing me mentally for every winter indulgence within reach.

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  3. I agree with you Jan! I have my candles going and now that the holidays are over I’m going to try to read more. I’m on a computer or device far too much. Have a beautiful week🥂

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