Paris for misanthropists.


When in Paris, it’s one of my strange habits to have the first coffee in the day in the Marais, don’t ask me why, there are perfectly fine alternative locations all over Paris, but no, it has to be the Marais, Paris’s oldest quarter, you won’t find much of Haussmann’s architecture here, it’s filled with beautiful hôtels particuliers, the residences of the aristocracy, erected hundreds of years ago, and still teaching us lessons about grandeur, in comparison, the front door of Mrs Kennedy’s lodging on Park Avenue appears to me like the back entrance to a dubious embassy of a totalitarian country with a laughable gross national product, sorry, New York, and don’t get me started on Trump and his golden tower, anyway, the Rohans and consorts had much better housing, one of those palaces, that’s what these hôtels particuliers really are, palaces, now houses the Picasso Museum. Then there’s Place des Vosges, a cliché, I know, but I have to pay it at least one visit each time I’m there, it actually looks nicest off season, in January, early in the year and in the morning, on a frosty day, void of people and tourists, under light snow, when only birds have left their prints, I like it in the rain, too, a little morbid, but I rather hate it when it’s full of people in summer, people with too much time on their hands ruin everything, loitering with intent, thirsty for a tan or whatever they do on a lawn – I do sound misanthropic, don’t I? Don’t get me wrong, I like people. Just not in places that look better without.


2 thoughts on “Paris for misanthropists.

  1. Balzac one wrote that, “Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never be elegant.” Luckily, thanks to your blog it’s possible to visit it often and discover the most elegant areas. I have only been to the Place des Vosges once in my life after visiting the Musée Carnavalet to see Proust’s bedroom. That day it was raining too, empty and at its most beautiful. Thank you for bringing these impressions back. Such wonderful photos too.

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  2. I’m with you, Clovis. I prefer to visit in the off season so that I can have the city to myself – well, at least not having to share it with millions of tourists. Bring on the inclement weather! It drives the fair-weather tourists away or into the Louvre.

    Beautiful photos.

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