Olga en route.


I didn’t come to see trunks when I went to see the Olga Picasso exhibition in Paris’ Musée Picasso, beautifully situated in an hôtel particulier in the Marais, Paris’ oldest quarter, one of these elegant mansions, châteaux to go so to speak, family mansions shrunk to fit into Paris, like Levi’s 501s in the 1980s, but Olga’s fabulous trunk by Goyard, exhibited on a par with Picasso’s paintings, struck me nonetheless. I can’t say that I liked it more than the stunning portraits Pablo did of her and their son Paul in the 1920s when they lived on rue de la Boétie, but it was the only object in the exhibition I took three photos of. Three! I therefore declare Goyard trunks works of art and give you all three photos – and some of the café on top of the Picasso museum (just because it’s such a great place to have a coffee). Picasso’s famous portraits, well, I leave them to the others, all these people less interested in art and coffee.


2 thoughts on “Olga en route.

  1. This has to be the most stunning trunk I’ve ever seen, wonderfully photographed by you. And how I long to finally visit the Musée Picasso. The articles you’ve written about Paris are some of of my favourites – in fact, I demand that you move there permanently to show us more of its elegance and beauty.

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  2. Just come from visiting complete with coffee on the terrace at the lovely cafe ‘on the roof’ ‘. I found the suitcase an interesting addition especially with all the photos and belongings Olga kept in it! My favorite paintings were those with the monumental figures!

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