A pillow from San Francisco.


One lazy afternoon, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, through selfies and haute couture dresses, admiring the ones by Cristóbal Balenciaga, the best designer there ever was, through Japanese architecture and perfectly set dinner tables, followed by chickens and ducks in the countryside, when suddenly a pillow on display in Jonathan Rachman’s San Francisco shop made me stop. Just liking wasn’t enough, I had to tell Mr Rachman how I felt about it, so I did just that, by telling him this pillow was missing in my life. Now guess what happened. Some minutes later, Jonathan replied “Shall I send you one?”, and just a week later, that same pillow had crossed the pond, arrived in Zurich, in a gigantic parcel, wrapped in brown silk paper with his store’s beautiful logo, and was joyfully thrown on my couch.


The most amazing thing was that this pillow’s colours matched the colours of my grandmother’s oil painting, hanging just over it, how marvelous, I thought, but somehow, quite strangely, it made me feel like that rockstar in Woody Allen’s “Hannah and her Sisters”, that obnoxiously uncultivated guy who wants to buy an oil painting in the very same colour as his new ottoman, a way of art reception that made the artist, played by Max von Sydow, throw him out of his studio, telling him to go to hell or something of the sort. Of course I always subscribed to von Sydow’s character’s point of view, thought it an idiotic idea to match art with furniture, one of the things you expect from Melania Trump once she redecorates the White House, until now, now I can relate. Actually, I love this wonderful coincidence. I just hope, my grandmother won’t be insulted by it.

Anyway, I’m not the only one who’s fond of Jonathan Rachman’s good taste in interior design. You find him in Louis Vuitton’s new San Francisco City Guide, too. Mousey is really attracted to him and insisted on showing his awesome portrait on page 209.




2 thoughts on “A pillow from San Francisco.

  1. Funnily, when I first saw the package with this pillow in your Instagram feed, I imagined it had been sent in urgent response to your moth situation and was impressed at how quickly it had arrived! How lovely to learn the story behind it and to see it in your beautiful photos. It really was meant to go with your wonderful apartment and the painting, of course. That has to be one of my favourite scenes with Max von Sydow!! But I really don’t think your grandmother could possibly object to something so exquisite alongside her beautiful work. And can I admit to feeling just a teeny bit jealous? In all my time as a blogger, the only present I’ve ever received was a copy of Boris Vian’s ‘L’écume des jours’, a book I love, but which has the ugliest cover ever which doesn’t go with any of my furniture.

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  2. Indeed J. Rachman is one of those uber/ultra curated emporiums, he carries Angela Casserly’s lip and hand sculptures too…and p.s. your immediate attraction and subsequent pillow negotiation is in no way whatsoever analogous to the scene in Hannah and her Sisters, merely serendipity that it complements your grandmère’s painting so well. How looks it with the stripes running vertically ?

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