My gourmet restaurant.


I love insects. Dragonflies for example. Beautiful creatures. Fascinating even, some kind of chinoiserie helicopters in turbulence, caused by tropical summer heat, with a pilot who has had one too many whisky sours, until they’re suddenly disappearing in your garden’s Bermuda triangle while you’re having tea. Moths, however, I disapprove of, I despise them from the bottom of my heart. I’ve killed generations of moths over the years, or at least, I’ve made their lives miserable with moth paper, vast amounts of moth paper, placed everywhere, in my bedroom’s wardrobe, in the other wardrobe in the hall, in every fucking drawer, between pullovers, next to pullovers, on top of pullovers, layers everywhere, hysterical layers of moth paper, but these beasts are smarter than I thought. They discovered that one loophole in my meticulous precautions: my Hermès pillows. The other day, when I just wanted to rest my head after over-ordering at Mr Porter’s, nothing of importance actually, just underwear and socks, I discovered the holes they’ve left behind. Not even tiny ones, no, very gourmand ones. They had quite an appetite. I am still under shock. Who would think of moths attacking Avalon?


8 thoughts on “My gourmet restaurant.

  1. This breaks my heart to see such beautiful pillows savaged by such awful creatures. They don’t deserve Hermès! I live in constant fear for my jumper collection, especially the Sarah Lund ones. It’s odd too how the things we don’t like never suffer this kind of fate.

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  2. Oh dear.
    It’s always the cashmere they go for.
    On a practical note, have you tried the sticky papers impregnated with moth pheromones?
    They’ve work for me (more or less)

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  3. Well, well. The sticky paper, yes. But I heard they have to be placed at a certain level of the room. Kind of eye-to-eye with us or so. It is so shocking when they are invisible before and all of a sudden you find them there like Maria Sibylla Merian with an evil-eye.

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  4. I think that moths are extremely fond of Hermès. I never had a problem until they killed my blanket of the same sort, which was made of this kind of scratchy Hermès equestrian blanket wool. My advice: throw Hermès away, fly to Stockholm, have a cup of tea at the Svenskt Tenn tea salon and buy the best pillows of the world in handprinted cotton right there, s’ il te plaît!

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  5. You need as well to look into all things cedar, from lining your closets with, to cedar hangars, cedar blocks, balls &c., there’s all sorts of cedar paraphernalia specifically for your situation.

    Love that Deco side table, your photo of reminds me of a funny moment years ago: I was soliciting amoung the better heeled parents of my son’s class for a swanky apartment in which to host a class cocktail party (of course to raise $s), and hoped for one particular apartment. When I asked the father if we might have the gathering chez lui, he responded that it was impossible, as all their wiring hadn’t been placed behind floorboards or inside walls, and he simply could not endure the embarrassment of guests seeing exposed wires…

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