Freudian slip.


I really don’t know what I had in mind. But on one of my Mr Porter nights, I obviously felt quite kinky and thought that red would be a nice colour to wear, why not look like a coke can or a stop sign gone wild, no more blending in with the crowd, floating raspberry juice, look, it’s me, aren’t I swell? I still wonder if I should have mentioned that sudden need for attention in therapy, or better yet, worn these pants while in session, let them scream while I was reminiscing on the couch, my mostly bored psychiatrist might have seen me in a completely different light, she might have put me on tranquilizers right away, instead of insisting that I should live a little more, although, who was she to tell me that, she wore nothing but beige and navy, but whatever her reaction might have been, I will never find out, I have left her to her own devices, started to live a little more, but this fashion statement is one I’ve never made, yet. I really must have them stitched up some day, walk the streets, draw attention, big time, and give my thanks to Jil Sander later in the day.

4 thoughts on “Freudian slip.

  1. I love the idea of you starting to live again through fashion choices and colour, unbeknown to your psychiatrist! Funnily, although I love red lips and eyeshadow, I have not had much success with it in terms of clothes. I have a beautiful red dress which I never wear because it is made from an unforgiving fabric, meaning I can only wear it on a thin day and then not eat anything else. The other red dress I once owned worked like an extreme version of a wonderbra and attracted the attention of all the straight men in Berlin. I felt too shy to ever wear it again.

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  2. Well dear man, they’re actually perfect for Christmas cocktail parties, with the proverbial ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater…not that I think the pants are in the least ugly, au contraire, they’re quite dashing. They just need to be paired with some bright splashy jumper and worn seasonally (à mon avis). I have a beautiful set of tailored slacks with matching sweater from Jobis (made in Italy) in almost that exact colour which I adore, but find that I do only wear the set between Thanksgiving and February (once on Valentine’s day, the red having more of a blood tinge which I felt was à propos. As to Silver in the Barn’s comment – Nantucket reds have little bearing on yours, totally different camps. (And woe betide anyone wearing Nantucket Reds who’s not of the clan, as it were – they’d be beaten about the head and whale adorned bow tie, polo shirt and nautical signal flag belt with many Lightship basket handbags, gravely wounding the offending head with its scrimshaw insets…).


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