Lake Zurich.


It’s all over now. Autumn’s here. No more swimming in Lake Zurich, that lake right in the middle of the town, with the softest water, silky, clean as hell, invigorating, soothing, breathtaking, arousing, sensations that let yourself come to all kind of senses, after a long day, during lunch break, first thing on a Saturday morning, before going shopping for groceries, after a cup of coffee on the balcony though, all it takes is to go the Badi nearby, on Utoquai, and to take a jump, and then, while I’m floating in the crystal clear water, Lake Zurich pulls some magic effects, I’m being enthralled, mesmerized, bewitched, I am about to forget about any groceries to shop for or about those meetings in the afternoon, at some office far away, and the moment I lie on the wooden deck of Badi Utoquai in my very favourite trunks, the ones by Gucci, designed by Tom Ford, that I refuse to stop wearing, I’ve been refusing it for some many years and I won’t ever stop doing so, I even consider being buried in them, but lying on that deck, I miss the water already, I just take some time to let my skin dry, to soak up the gorgeous summer heat, before taking another jump into the lake. But as I said, summer’s gone. And my trunks are taking a break from all that fun now. Just like me.

One thought on “Lake Zurich.

  1. What a beautiful and evocative post! I can feel the coolness of the water and then the warmth of the sun afterwards. It reminds me of the time I lived in Annecy many years ago when I would go for a swim before or after classes at the language school. The lake is the centre of everything and I love that. The thought of you being buried in the bathing trunks made me laugh out loud too. Thank you for a post that seems like the essence of summer on a day when the leaves are turning gold and there’s a nip in the air.

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