Made in France.


I just saw a clip on Nick Knight’s Instagram account, giving me Olivier Rousteing talking about people forgetting the quality of his designs over all his fame on Instagram, and his good looks. I looked to my left, and over my chair I saw what I was wearing yesterday, a pair of jeans, biker style, with the iconic zipper fly that practically screams Balmain, you don’t need a logo to recognize the brand’s signature style, only few designers have achieved that, and a blue t-shirt with a serigraphy on it, an almost abstract screen printing of a lion’s head, some years old, still in shape, as back all those years ago it was beautifully made in France, imagine that, a t-shirt made in France, not in China or Malaysia, no, fabrication haut de gamme, delivered by grown up people, not by underpaid workers or even worse, by children, politically correct craftsmenship worthy of the old haute couture label, although looking quite hippiesque, meaning inexpensive, at least when you don’t give it a second look or thought. The moment Mr Porter delivered the first one, in a tiny flat white box, I ordered another one, in another tiny flat white box. The most beautiful and most expensive t-shirt I ever purchased twice, so no, Monsieur Rousteing, I always think of you as a good designer, even when I have to look at Kanye West.


One thought on “Made in France.

  1. Everything about this post draws you in – the stunning T-shirt in the photo and those long, beautifully crafted sentences which you cannot help to read slowly, pausing and wondering where they will eventually lead. It’s always fascinating to get a glimpse of your amazing wardrobe and see these garments in a new light. I think you are a true poet of fashion and design.

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