Sunday mornings are best spent in bed. No fuss, no stress. Just relaxing. With some hot coffee and croissants, that is. But how to get those croissants as quickly as possible? Without any fuss? By jumping out of bed and into your navy Balmain biker style sweatpants, putting on a white t-shirt and black flip-flops, and rushing semi-nude to your baker round the corner. No one could call you improperly dressed; you’re wearing an haute couture label for crying out loud. And when you’re back, you just take them off and crawl naked under your linen sheets again. Easy going.

One thought on “Nude.

  1. I love Sunday mornings but they are even nicer when I find a new post by you. I really like your style and philosophy, how even in a hurry you’re dressed in designer clothes. Sadly, my need for croissants and a quick foray outside are thwarted by the fact that I don’t live near a decent bakery and that I need to put on a full face of makeup before I could even think of leaving the house. Enjoy your croissants and coffee!

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